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Skills: Image Processing, Bigdata, Crawling, Search
Release Date: Mar, 2015.
Copyright: All rights reserved.
Usecases: Brand evaluation, Market research, Local search
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Project Description

Intelligent image & map based local search engine. Map based search engines are very common. But, the image based ultra local search is a distant dream yet for common people. The map learns itself from the image processing and machine learning models and drives the users on their search process. Have you ever imagined having a personal assistant who guides you on everything? Well that is our goal, and we are almost close to it!
A simple mobile app completes this solution. Ever stuck in a traffic? Check out the nearest chat shop to chill. Need to search where you can get the same kitchen accessory around your house? We got the solution finally. No more hours of desperate search. No more frustration. Be cool. Open our "StreetFind" app!