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Skills: Image Processing, Crawling, Mobile App
Release Date: Jan, 2015.
Copyright: All rights reserved
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Project Description

Image based search on online retail space. Image processing on large scale (thanks to Bigdata analytical platforms) made it possible. No more worries of spending hours together online or offline to pick the shirt you need. Just choose the specifications and search it in a jiffy!
Like your friend/colleague's dress? Need the same texture saree of your cousin? Wanna find the matching accessories for your favourite tops? Just snap it and search in Snap2Buy to get relevant results in . Get the same and similar products in leading online stores. Not just the wardrobe, any accesories, home decor, consumer products etc.
No search is complete without the price comparison when it comes to shopping. This app also has the price information, that was crawled. So, whats more? Just snap it and buy it. Lets spend our valuable time with our dear ones, and a happy quick shopping hereafter!! :)